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Art of Kim Joon - Body Painting

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Art of Kim Joon - Body Painting

When it comes to “art,” there’s a different style, period, painter, illustrator, and medium for everyone. Maybe your favorite artist is Duchamp, maybe it’s Van Gogh. The point is, getting dudes to agree on something they couldn’t normally care less about used to be difficult – and then there was bodypainting.

Take a naked girl (and sometimes guy in certain cases). Add paint. Instant masterpiece. The formula really is that simple so it’s a wonder it took us so long to learn about Kim Joon. Joon takes something we already find beautiful (naked women) and adds paint to creative continuous patterns that sometimes stretch multiple individuals.
Occasionally he’ll go so far as to turn the Kama Sutra into paint by numbers and paint over sex scenes safe for Showtime, but definitely not for work. Once it’s quitting time, check out Kim Joon’s Body Art

Let's forget the black tattoos on arms, shoulder or chest. The Korean artist Kim Joon uses the whole body and the most varied colors. And goes further on: he groups masculine or feminine bodies intertwined in sensual positions over which he designs continuous patterns which are fused in a unique corporal mass, subdued by the design and color!

Despite his style declared a pronounced oriental stamp, Joon does not limit himself to the customary dragons and serpents. Instead, any material serves him as a pictorial pattern, whether they are floral motives, commercial brand logos or Superman comics, whose graphic potential es enormous and is smartly explored by the artist.

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