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Most Important Landmarks of the World (Part 2)

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Angkor Wat at Cambodia 
The Burj in Dubai

Bran Castle in Romania 
Manneke Pis in Brussels

Mount Everest on the border of Tibet and Nepal 
Mecca in Saudi Arabia 
Brandenburg Gate in Berlin 
St Peters at Vatican City 
Mont St Michel in France 
Mount Rushmore in South Dakota 
Victoria Falls between Zambia and Zimbabwe 
The Grand Canyon in Arizona 
Nevado Mismi in Peru ( source of the Amazon River ) 
Auschwitz in Poland 
The Great Buddha of Kamakura in Tokyo 
Neptune and the Palace of Versailles in France 
Cape of Good Hope in South Africa 
Trevi Fountain in Rome 
Petra in Jordan 
Sagrada Familia in Barcelona

North Cape in Norway 
Chichen Itza in Mexico 
Inukshuk in Canada 
Lascaux in France 
Table Mountain in South Africa
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