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Most Important Landmarks of the World (Part 1)

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 The Taj Mahal in Agra ( India )

 Blue-domed Church in Santorini

St Basil Cathedral in Moscow 
The Statue of Liberty in New York

Machu Picchu in Peru 
The Eiffel Tower in Paris 
The Great Sphynx at Giza 
The Chinese Wall in China 
Uluru in the Northern Territory 
The Little Mermaid in Copenhagen

Windmills at Kinderdijk ( Holland )

Agia Sofia in Istanbul, Turkey 
Acropolis of Athens 
Mount Fuji in Japan 
Stonehenge in the English county of Wiltshire 
Big Ben in London 
Neuschwanstein in Bavaria 
Mount Eden crater in New Zealand 
Loch Ness in Scotland

Easter Island in the Polynesian Triangle 
Christo Redemptor in Rio de Janeiro 
Capitol Hill in Washington DC 
Tower of Pisa 
Al Aqsa in Jerusalem 
Niagara Falls at the border of Ontario ( Canada ) and New York ( USA )
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