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Freak Accidents ever Seen

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In the late summer of 1929 a new highway was opened to traffic between Bremen and Bremerhaven, Germany. Within a year of its opening, more than 100 automobiles had crashed mysteriously on the highway - all at kilometer stone 239, on a perfectly straight stretch of highway. When questioned by police, survivors described feeling " a tremendous thrill " as their cars reached the marker and said that some great force then seized their vehicles and pulled them off of the road. In a single day, September 7th, 1930, nine cars were wrecked at the fateful marker.
The police and other investigators were puzzled, but a local dowser (one who finds underground water through esoteric methods), Carl Wehrs, suggested that the mysterious force was a powerful magnetic current generated by an underground stream. To test his theory he took a steel divining rod in his hands and slowly walked toward marker 239. When he was directly opposite it, about 12 feet away, to the amazement of onlookers the rod flew out of his hands, shot across the road and buried itself into the dirt. Satisfied that his theory was correct, Wehrs applied his own solution to the problem and buried a copper box full of small star shaped pieces of copper at the base of marker 239.

The box remained buried there for a week, and during that time no accidents occurred. The box was then dug up, and the first three cars that passed the marker wrecked. The box was quickly reburied, and since then there have been no accidents at marker 239. Although Carl was a diviner, and presumably knew something about underground streams, local farmers believed that a demon was responsible for the accidents

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