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Bagelheads – New Body Modification Trend from Japan

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Bagelheads, because they weren’t pretty enough before

Piercing and tattooing is sooooo out! Japan, the kingdom of weirdness and place where freak show is always on, has came up with a completely new way of body modification popularly called bagelhead.
Saline solution drip is injected by professional piercers in a specific location, which causes over-the-top inflammation and swelling.

The “hot spots” and most popular body parts for making bumps are forehead, where usually one or two bagels are made and arms with already well-known fake muscles.
He’s trying to come up with the next great idea for mutilating his body
Apart from looking like a complete idiot and like you need some cream cheese on your head bump, there may be other side affects like headache, infection, skin stretching, a pressure sensation, a slight case of wonky eye.

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