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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Marble Caves Chile Chico, Chile, 39 Photos

The most spectacular caves network in the world and this Marble Cathedral  is absolutely magnificent. It’s located in Patagonia,Chile on the second largest freshwater lake in South America, General Carrera.
Marble cave or cathedral is the main attraction of the lake Lago General Carrera in Chile. Another name for these interesting caves is Las Cavernas de Marmol. This is an unusual place and is one of the most visited in Patagonia. Labyrinth of caves are located in the beautiful mountain lake on the peninsula of limestone.
The lake has an area of 1850 km ², and borders between Chile and Argentina, dividing it roughly in half.
Marble Cave is located approximately in the middle of the lake, on the Chilean side.
In Chile, the lake is called Lago General Carrera, and in Argentina – Lago Buenos Aires. Both the lake’s name are internationally recognized.
Lago General Carrera is one of ten deepest lakes in the world, its maximum depth is 586 meters.
Lake is of glacial origin and is surrounded by ridges of the Andes. From the lake follows the river Baker, which flows into the Pacific Ocean.
On the lake there are several large settlements such as Puerto Inzhenero Ibanez, Chile Chico.
Car ferry runs between Puerto Ibanez-Chile Inzhenero Chico in the Chilean sector of the lake
The lake is known for the abundance of trout and salmon, and many tourists come here to fish, and of course to see the local landmark – the Marble Cathedral.

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