Enjoy Here and Relax!

Enjoy Here and Relax!

Feb 16, 2014

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Feb 10, 2014

Oscar Nemeyer

 100 Birthday Architect Architecture Interview Niemeyer Oscar

About his impressive 100th anniversary, architect Oscar Niemeyer is dismissive, saying: "it's a silliness!". The amount of articles, magazines, publications and TV documentaries leave us with little to say; but the life and work of a man who has dedicated 70 years of his life to an architecture that extrapolates the boundaries of shape and fuctionality to invade poetry and humanity can still be a pofuse force of the genius and the person behind and between the lines.

Miniature Moscow

 Architecture City Model Miniature Models Moscow Russia USSR
Obcessed by the propaganda, the leaders of the former Soviet regime promoted actions that today would be considered megalomaniac and unreasonable. One of these over the top actions was the construction of a huge model of the city of Moscow, destined to be visited and admired by the people who would admire the magnificence of the Soviet Union's capital, bigger and better than any other Western capital. The work was ordered in 1976, a time when the regime was in its last stages of agony. Its swan song.

The Denge Acoustic Mirrors

 Acoustic Architecture Engineering Structures War Parabolic Reflector Radar Sound
In the Denge region, in Kent, England, the coastal landscape is filled with strange concrete constructions that look both decadent and futuristic. The explanation is simple. The place harboured, at the beginning of last century, a RAF base, where the first experiments of aerial detection were made, and the strange constructions were actually collossal acoustic mirrors, thatnow abandoned.

Airship Hangars

 Aeronautics Architecture Aircraft Airship Construction Hangar Zeppelin
It would be impossible, in our day and age, to create such a project as Conde Ferdinand von Zeppelin's. Some argue it would be utopic and risky and that there are safer ways of making the oldest human dream of flying true. Nonetheless, according to circumstance, the airships existed and evolved to unthinkable limits, actually becoming a fairly common intercontinental means of transportation. They assured their passengers a breathtaking trip, but they were dangerous, expensive and, most of all, enormous. For the construction and maintenance of these flying machines huge hangars were needed.

Poseidon Mystery Island - Underwater

 Hotel Sea Ocean Poseidon Underwater Submarine
The idea is simple and fascinating: to live at the bottom of the ocean with every luxury, surrounded by large glass surfaces through which you can contemplate the imense beauty of the marine landscape. Nothing Jules Verne hasn't imagined when he idealized the fantastic Nautilus in Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea... However, while at the time the famous sci-fi novel was written, it was no more than a whim, current technology can make this vision come true. Aware of that, Bruce Jones, president of U.S. Submarines has proposed building an underwater hotel, the Poseidon.
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