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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Gigapixel Panorama Photography - Amazing ...!!!

What is a Gigapixel Image?
A Gigapixel image is a digital image bitmap composed of one billion pixels (1,000 megapixels), more than 100 times the information captured by a 10 megapixel digital .

Press the Photos and View Panorama is Amazing ...!!!
You can zoom everything in the photos :

Vancouver’s North Shore (Jul 2011) 18.00 gigapixels (18,000 megapixels)
Vancouver's North Shore

  Vancouver Skyline (Jul 2011) – Coming Soon! 16.00 gigapixels (16,000 megapixels)
Vancouver Skyline

  BC Lions 2011 CFL Home Opening Game (Jul 2011) 1.91 gigapixels (1,906 megapixels)
CFL BC Lions

Vancouver Canadians Baseball 2011 Opening Game (Jun 2011) 1.22 gigapixels (1,216 megapixels)
Vancouver Canadians Baseball

  2011 Stanley Cup Game 7 Canucks Fan Zone (Jun 2011) – with GigaTag 2.11 gigapixels (2,110 megapixels)
2011 Stanley Cup Canucks Fan Zone

  2011 Stanley Cup Game 6 Rogers Arena (Jun 2011) as featured on and the Vancouver Sun 2.39 gigapixels (2,392 megapixels)
2011 Stanley Cup Rogers Arena

  2011 Stanley Cup Game 5 Canucks Fan Zone – North View (Jun 2011) as featured on 1.51 gigapixels (1,507 megapixels)
2011 Stanley Cup Canucks Fan Zone

  2011 Stanley Cup Game 5 Canucks Fan Zone – South View (Jun 2011) 1.33 gigapixels (1,328 megapixels)
2011 Stanley Cup Canucks Fan Zone

  2011 Stanley Cup Vancouver Riot Apology Wall (Jun 2011) 0.88 gigapixels (877 megapixels)
Vancouver Riot Apology Wall


Clauß Image and Data Technology
As a leading developer and producer of automatic robotics for professional image acquisition for many years, Clauss Image and Data Technology GmbH offers the latest technologies with high quality standards. With intensive product research and development, and consideration of individual customer requirements, Clauss customers appreciate the precision and solid system solutions for various high-end applications.
The Clauss Rodeon VR Station HD, Rodeon VR Head HD and Rodeon VR Head ST were used to create the Google Art Project and the high-resolution reproductions of the frescos by Giotto di Bodone.

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