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Friday, October 10, 2014

Great Tomato Festival in Bunol

Tomato Festival in Bunol, Valencia has no religious connections and was only started in 1945 this festival along with the Pamplona Bull Run is one of Spain s most famous and well known festival.

The Festival La Tomatina is one huge tomato fight and each year around 30,000 people turn up to take part.
The festival starts early in the morning when everyone turns up and dines on a breakfast of Chorizo and Rose wine.
By 11am in the morning everyone s inhibitions are loosened and five huge tomato filled rockets are sent into the skies above the town.

From this point it is every man, woman and child for themselves as the event turns into a tomato slinging war. Everyone is supposed to adhere to a small number of rules: You must squash the tomato before throwing it and you are not allowed to throw anything other than tomatoes.

Each year the Tomatoes throwing Festival last fro around two hours and in total some 125,000 kilos of tomatoes are squashed and thrown.
The festival also brings out a good community spirit where everyone involves helps out with the cleaning up and hosing down.
You can easily get to Bunol by flying into Valencia Airport. 

La Tomatina Festival, The Tomato throwing Festival, is held on the last Saturday of August every year and has been a regular event since 1945.

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