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Friday, August 17, 2012

World Body Painting Festival 2010 images

World Bodypainting Festival

General Information

12 – 18 July 2010

  • The world championships in bodypainting presented by "Kryolan"
  • Night contest for UV effects presented by "Kryolan"
  • World Facepainting Award presented by "Snazaroo"
  • Special Effects Make-up Award presented by "JaLaTex"
  • Bodypainting Amateur Award Contest presented by "Mehron"
  • WBF-Academy with more than 35 different workshop classes, demos and lectures
  • BodyCircus, the shrill and magical fantasy ball presented by "Snazaroo"
  • Extensive exhibition area with audience contests
  • International photo contest powered by "NIKON"
  • BodyArt Fashion Show "Create your own reality"
  • Huge music synchronized fireworks
  • "Bodypaint City TV" with interviews, live broadcasts and web streaming

    WBF Institute of Sound presents:
  • "Denon DJ" Music Hall - the electronic art project
  • Londons Pirate radio station "ForceFM" presents Radio Bodypaint City
  • Music & show performances
  • Evening concerts of national and international bands
  • DJ Acts
  • Presentation of the first WBF Music Album
  • Workshops with the "Red Bull Music Academy"
  • "Ministry of Sound" events
  • "Kleine Zeitung" DJ Contest presented by "ForceFM London"

 Since 1998 Europe’s most colourful event has taken place every year in Seeboden, Austria.

The “World Bodypainting Festival” sponsored by Kryolan is the biggest art event in the bodypainting theme and thousands of visitors admire the wonderful work of the participants.

Aritsts from 40 nations worldwide come to this unique event and put body art into the mountain and lake scenery.

The festival week from July 12th – 18th contains the

  • WBF Academy
  • BodyCircus & Side Events
  • 3 Main days in the “Bodypaint City” in the Klauberpark Seeboden
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