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Saturday, October 11, 2014

A Ship Amongst Buldings

 Boats China Hong Kong Ships Building Whampoa

Whampoa Garden is a private housing estate, the biggest in China, which consists of 12 complexes. Just like in many other places in the country, it is a kind of neighbourhood, albeit private, whose aim is to provide everything you need, avoiding a big journey, reducing traffic. Ten of these complexes are divided into residential and/ or commercial buildings, 88 buildings being apartments. The other complexes are totally commercial and leisure areas, with supermarkets, restaurants, cinemas, gyms, indoor pools, schools, shopping malls, a public transport terminus, etc.

In the middle of Whampoa Garden there's a shopping center, the Whampoa, built in the shape of a ship, which is the biggest local attraction. It's "anchored" where the Hong Kong Kowloon and Whampoa Dock Company was formerly located, which was founded in 1863. It's the original place of the company's first dry dock.

Audience is something that isn't missing from the super ship which, aside from a bunch of shopping, also guarantees excellent photographs for inhabitants and tourists alike, as the majestic construction is in the middle of a population of about 45 000 people.

 Boats China Hong Kong Ships Building Whampoa

 Boats China Hong Kong Ships Building Whampoa

 Boats China Hong Kong Ships Building Whampoa

 Boats China Hong Kong Ships Building Whampoa

 Boats China Hong Kong Ships Building Whampoa

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