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World's Largest Cruise Ship - Oasis of the Sea

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For those who love cruise ships, here’s a few pictures of the new Oasis Of The Seas, which is now the largest cruise ship in the world! It arrived at it’s new home in Port Everglades here in Florida last week. Owned by Royal Caribbean International, it’s a floating city, and a big one at that!

Oasis Of The Seas is 1,184 feet long and more than 226,000 tons. The 5,400-passenger ship with a crew of 2,000 cost 1.5 billion dollars to make. Darn, I guess I can’t afford a copy! No other cruise line seems interested in topping it, so I think it will remain the largest cruise ship for some time.

Personally it looks a bit top heavy to me, especially in the second picture. Somehow it looks like a big wave hitting it broadside would flip it right over. It has 16 decks, a damn high ship! That’s a lot of weight above the waterline. But I’ll never be able to afford to go on it anyway. Cool ship, no matter what!

Inferno hauls greet the world’s largest cruise ship, the Independence of the Seas as she enters in the U.K. for the first time on 25 April in Southampton, southern England. This giant 160,000 tonne yacht will function all through the year from the city. Valued at $793 million (Euros 508 million), this Royal Caribbean cruise ship was constructed in the Aker Finnyards drydock in Turku, Finland and is the dual biggest sail liner together with her sister ships Freedom of the Seas and Liberty of the Seas. It draws contrast with the Titanic in terms of her giantly size by being 230ft longer than the Titanic. Right after Titanic met misfortune, the largest cruise ship has proved to be a risk for her owners, who witnessed a surge in fuel prices and calming down of global economy within three years of commissioning of ship.

The pool of facilities offered by this princess includes a 2,000-seater dining room, a choice of an ice rink, a 1,350-seat theatre, a surf simulator and a nine-hole miniature golf course. The naming ceremony for the ship is due on 30 April before she boards on her foremost paying journey on 2 May. 

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