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Most flesh tunnels (face) (Video)

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Who? Joel Miggleri,
Where? Germany Küssaberg, When? 27 November 2014

The most flesh tunnels in the face is 11 and was achieved by Joel Miggler (Germany) as verified in Küssaberg, Germany, on 27 November 2014.

Joel's flesh tunnels has a size ranging from 3 to 34 mm.

 Guinness World Records caught up with Joel to find out what drew him to the “holey” grail of body mods…

When did you first become interested in flesh tunnels?
It started when I was 13 years old and I had a flesh tunnel in my earlobe. I really liked it and, step by step, I’ve come to this!

Do you have any difficulties eating or drinking?
No, I don’t have any problems. I can only take small bites, though.
…and how about kissing?

No, not really! My girlfriend also has a big “labret” [a lip piercing], but kissing is only a little bit harder.

Tell us about the process of creating the tunnels in your cheeks.

First, we made a little cut through my cheeks of around 10 mm and pushed the Teflon jewellery in. After three months of healing, we cut it to 18 mm; that took about a month to heal. Then I stretched it again for 1 mm each month until I got to 22 mm, before cutting to 30 mm. Now I’m aiming to stretch to 40 mm [they currently measure 34 mm], which will be my limit. The man who carries out my mods did a medical apprenticeship in the military and has carried out extreme modifications for eight years. I trust him with my whole body. He is highly trained. He needs to be, as it’s a very complicated process to cut through the cheeks. It’s really dangerous to cut the salivary glands.

How long does the pain tend to last during the healing process?

The cuts are painful for about a week, but they don’t hurt after that.

German-born Joel Miggler has more stretched piercings than anyone else in the world and has achieved the Guinness World Records title for Most flesh tunnels (face).

He has flesh holes fitted with expanders all over his face, including his nose and lips, but the largest two are in each of his cheeks and measure a daunting 34 mm … so far. He has plans to increase them to 40 mm.

The 22 year old is proud of his uniqueness, and confesses that body modification has become a bit of an addiction since he started at the age of 13 with a “normal” fleshy in his earlobe.

Joel says he experiences a week of pain after his extremely skilled professional body mod artist creates a new or wider tunnel, but as soon as it has healed he starts thinking about the next one.

He would even like to get an eye-ball implant in the future. 

Watch the video below to see what Joel says about his Guinness World Records title, as well as what he can do with a strawberry lace.
 Joel’s unparalleled body mods appear alongside loads of record-breaking flesh tunnels, piercings and tattoos in Guinness World Records 2016: out now.

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