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Brazilian Music: 2 Hours of Brazil Music (Video)

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(Brazilian Jazz Music Instrumental)
Original music by David Lewis Luong, Australia. David's music range from jazz, new age fusion through to classical music to ballads, and even relaxing sound effects. Most experts agree that music affects individuals in different ways. Therefore, explore the many genres of music on David's channel. Find the music that calms and relaxes you.

Tracklist : 
Track 1: The boy from Ipanema (starts at 00:00)
Track 2: Ipanema by night (starts at 5:04)
Track 3: Halos of eternity - Esplendor da eternidade (starts at 9:48)
Track 4: Tender love - Terno amor (starts at 12:47)
Track 5: Eternity of time - A eternidade do tempo (starts at 20:08)
Track 6: Another place - Um outro lugar (starts at 27:52)
Track 7: Que saudade (starts at 33:31)
Track 8: Forever with Larissa - Para sempre com Larissa (starts at 39:09)
Track 9: One more time - Mais uma vez (starts at 45:13)
Track 10: Memory lane - Traço da memória (starts at 51:23)
Track 11: Eternal sunset - Eterno pôr do sol (starts at 57:52)
Track 12: Paraíso em Fernando de Noronha (starts at 1:07:07)
Track 13: Greatest love - O maior amor (starts at 1:12:17)
Track 14: Sunday morning - Manhã de domingo (starts at 1:20:40)
Track 15: Paradise Shores - Margens do paraíso (starts at 1:26:10)
Track 16: Sunshine of Jericoacoara (starts at 1:49:01)
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