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Bookmarks 100 : Dubai - Wave Tower

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Dubai - Wave Tower
Who better than an architect called Joaquín Torres (which in English means towers) to create the project for a sky-scraper? 

The Spanish architect seems deserving of his name by designing a sky-scraper for Dubai that is stunning for, among other things, the elegance of its lines. Built on the coastal line, with its base located underwater, it is connected to land through a slightly twisted arch, reminiscent of a wave. 
The Wave Tower is a poetic gesture over the landscape.

The building has a privileged urban location on the waterfront of Madinat Al Arab, the new corporate and financial center of Dubai. However, the building's interest doesn't solely rely on its sculptural shape. 

Its concept is technologically advanced. Around a central structural nucleus, several V-shaped modules are placed, like the petals of a flower, housing different spaces: offices, apartments and common areas. Spread evenly through the building, there are inside gardens that take advantage of the glass exterior surface to control the air quality and the temperature.

The tall tower, which appears to float in the sea, is connected to land by a gently curved bridge which mimics the waves of the gulf sea. the building is under development and will be in the madiant al arab district. it will stand at 370 meters and have 92 floors wrapped in a double skin glass facade.  

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