Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo 2012 - 55 Carnival Photos part 2

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Once a pagan celebration in ancient Rome, Carnival in Rio de Janeiro is now considered one of the greatest shows on Earth.
Rio is known as the cultural capital of Brazil and was the capital from 1822 to 1960, when it was moved to Brasilia. The first festivals of Rio date back to 1723.The famous carnival parade has been going on since the 1930s. The parade starts Sunday evening and continues into early morning Monday of the celebration. Until 1984, when it was moved to Av. Presidente Vargas, the parade took place at Praca Onze. In 1984 the parade finally found its permanent home, the Sambadrome. The Sambadrome is a large structure that was built in the downtown area, which includes several buildings that make a circular open area in the middle. In the off season, the buildings of the Sambadrome are used as classrooms for the local public schools

The Rio Carnival offers some of the most dazzling bashes ever known. The most luxurious is the Magic Ball which attracts a number of local and international celebrities. The Scala Night club in Rio hosts six thematic balls throughout the festival which are also hugely popular. Plus there are invigorating and inimitable street parties, parades in the street, free of cost to anyone who wants to have a good time with the locals or cariocas.

The Rio Carnival has even more to offer. Take a tour around the city and see the different communities. Stop by the beautiful beaches and experience local culture. Attend the children’s Samba parade where a multitude of local children flock to the Sambodromo and strut their stuff in front of the exuberant fans.

Finally find out why Rio is known as the most gay-tolerant city in the world. Join the all the alternative lifestyle folks - gays, lesbians, cross dressers, transvestites and others as they celebrate with unparalleled gusto. No doubt, they probably add the most pizzazz to this incomparable extravaganza!

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