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First Careers for the Wealthy and Famous

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 We all had to start somewhere – here are some interesting first careers for just a few of the wealthy and famous:
 Donald Trump: Before he became a famous (and unbelievably wealthy) real estate mogul, he made his money collecting soda bottles.

Oprah Winfrey: Before she became a billionaire and one of the most respected women in TV, Oprah bagged groceries and worked at a radio station reading the news.

Charles Schwab: The billionaire owner of the discount brokerage named after him started his life bagging and selling walnuts and sold chickens and eggs in his hometown.

Jon Anderson: The guy who had the sole rights to sell Budweiser in LA got his start undercutting the theaters by selling less expensive popcorn!

Mark Burnett:One of the most well known reality show producers learned how to wrangle reality stars by recalling what he learned from his first career – working as a nanny!

Walt Disney: Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy…all of these memorable characters came from the same man who started his career wanting to draw political cartoons and working for the Red Cross.
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