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Marie Chouinard, (born 14 May 1955) is a Canadian dancer, choreographer, and dance company director.

In 1978 Marie Chouinard presented her first work, Crystallization, which immediately established her as an exceptional artist driven by an infectious search for the genuine. After 12 years as a solo performer and choreographer, Marie Chouinard founded her own company in 1990, the COMPAGNIE MARIE CHOUINARD.

Marie Chouinard has lived in New York, Berlin, Bali and Nepal. Her travels, her curiosity, her eclectic studies and her understanding of various techniques allow her to explore the body in different ways. She has created more than 50 solo and group works. The works created since 1978 reflect the concerns of this surprising choreographer: her view of dance as a sacred art, her respect for the body as a vehicle of that art, her virtuoso approach to performance and the invention of a different universe for each new piece.

In Marie Chouinard’s alphabet, elements respond to one another as in a classical structure while integrating different cultural understandings of the body as infinitely intelligent. Her raw material is the dancers’ flesh, bones and muscles, the instinct and vital impulse of the human body whose intimate connections she exposes. As a carrier of meaning, each gesture becomes the “phoneme” of a thought imbedded in the body, while form reflects the dancer’s soul as it resides in organs, cells and energetic circuits. Celebrating the human body as a vehicle of life, Marie Chouinard and her contributors work together to create choreographic pieces that reveal a world of primal light, coded sounds and protean forms, through vigorous and incandescent movements.

Performances and solo works
    1978 : Cristallisation
    1979 : Cristallisation (les 5 cycles)
    1979 : Dimanche matin, mai 1955
    1979 : Danse pour un homme habillé de noir et qui porte un revolver
    1979 : 5 Chorégraphies pour le public pieds nus
    1979 : Les oeufs, ou autrefois il y avait, il y a longtemps, au temps où...
    1980 : Voyages dans les limbes
    1980 : Auto-portrait no 1
    1980 : Auto-portrait no 2
    1980 : Petite danse sans nom
    1980 : Les Grenouilles
    1980 : Mimas, Lune de Saturne
    1980 : La Leçon
    1980 : Dislocations
    1980 : Chanson de gestes
    1980 : Quelques façons d'avancer tranquillement vers toi
    1980 : Jaune
    1980 : Récréation
    1980 : Dimanche matin,mai 2005
    1980 : Conversations
    1981 : Plaisir de tous les sens dans tous les sens
    1981 : Danseuse-performeuse cherche amoureux ou amoureuse pour la nuit de 1er juin
    1982 : Meat meets meat, avec Claude-Marie Caron
    1982 : Marie Chien Noir (Mimas, Lune de Saturne; Chien Noir et Plaisirs de tous les sens dans tous les sens)
    1984 : Table of Contents I
    1985 : Chebre,avec Claude-Marie Caron
    1985 : Earthquake in the Heartchakra; Table of Contents II
    1986 : Drive in the Dragon; Crue; S.T.A.B.(Space, Time and Beyond)
    1987 : L'Après-midi d'un faune
    1988 : Biophilia
    1989 : Poèmes d'atmosphère
    1990 : Lettre ouverte à Terpsichore
    1992 : Endangered species; Cet instant-ci et l'éternité; Terpsichore a cappella
    2010 : Lingam, Campagne

 Choregraphique works of COMPAGNIE MARIE CHOUINARD
    1991 : Les Trous du ciel
    1993 : The Rite of the Spring
    1994 : Prelude to the afternoon of a faun
    1996 : L’Amande et le diamant
    1998 : Les Solos 1978-1998
    1998 : Étude piognate
    1998 : Humanitas
    1999 : Des feux dans la nuit
    1999 : 24 Preludes by Chopin
    2000 : Le Cri du monde
    2001 : Étude no 1
    2003 : Chorale
    2005 : Mouvements
    2009 : morning glories
    2010 : THE GOLDEN MAN (LIVE)

Awards and Distinctions
    1981 - Studio du Québec à New York (Gouvernement du Québec), first recipient awarded to Marie Chouinard
    1986 - Prize Jacqueline-Lemieux awarded to Marie Chouinard
    1987 - Jean A. Chalmers awarded to Marie Chouinard
    1993 - Prize Artist Lifetime Achievement awarded to Marie Chouinard
    1994 - Prize Boat Award (Glasgow, Scotlan) for The Rite of the Spring
    2000 - Bessie Award for sustained achievement (New York)awarded to Marie Chouinard
    2003 - The French Society of Dramatic Authors and Composers award SACD, Paris
    2003 - The movie Cantique no 1 receives a prize at the Moving Pictures Festival of Danse on Film and Video, Toronto (performance prize for Carol Prieur and Benoît Lachambre)
    2003 - National Arts Center Award, Ottawa, as part of the Governor General's Performing Arts Awards
    2006 - Archanget Award forLe vol de LindberghandLes 7 Péchés capitaux,choreographed by MarieChouinard, Edinburgh Festival
    2006 - Grand Prix du Conseil des Arts de Montreal for the Company's impact on Montreal dance and is workbODY_rEMIX/gOLDBERG_vARITATIONS
    2007 - Officier of the Ordre of Canada awarded to Marie Chouinard
    2009 - Gemini Award (Best Performance in a Performing Arts Program or Series) awarded to COMPAGNIE MARIE CHOUINARD dancers for their performance in the movie bODY_rEMIX/gOLDBERG_vARITATIONS
    2009 - Chevalier of the Ordre des Arts et des Lettres of France awarded to Marie Chouinard
    2010 - COMPAGNIE MARIE CHOUINARD was awarded by the Imperial Tobacco Foundation's Arts Achievement Award 2010
    2010 - Prix du Québec (Denise Pelletier Prize)awarded to Marie Chouinard


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