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Cubes - Contemporary Dance in Japan and Brazil (Video)

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"Cubos" - "CUBES" was created in 2001 by Renato Leão and Sergio Luiz and recreated in 2005 by Renato Leão. The starting point for the research was the inspiration and the construction ... on the movie, "CUBES".

The work begins at the moment in which human beings find themselves in different worlds, without gravity, time, action and reaction divergent to the universe. When a metamorphosis occurs and they face the unknown, they then start to search for survival or search for an exit, but find several possibilities, "imprisoned in a maze".

Renato Leão have mix introduction with Classic Ballet,Jazz,Modern Dance, Contemporary Dance and Capoeira

Music by - Cirque du Solei,Pink Floyd,The Island of Dr. Moreau

Dancers - Chizuko Kotani,Jucimara Araujo Lira,Masayuki Sumi,Renata Russo,Renato Leão,Sergio Luis,Takako Miura,Toyoko Koshihisa

Coreographer and Dancer Renato Leão

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