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Amazing Recycled Houses Made Using Shipping Containers

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1. The Greentainer:

Green container houseRecycled house made of shipping container
The Greentainer (picture above) is an amazing piece of recycled architecture made of shipping containers. It has been designed by the famous Exposure Architects as a part of the Greentainer Project in Gandino in Italy. It is a portable house which measures about 12 meters in length and 2.7 meters in height. It has an in-built photovoltaic system which helps in maintaining its temperature levels. This wonderful structure has been designed for public utility and can be used as a mini office, meeting room or even as a lounge bar.

2. Multi-Container House:

Redondo Beach Container HouseA multi container house
These luxurious multi-container houses has been designed and build by De Maria Design and Logical Homes in the year 2006 in Redondo Beach, CA. Eight recycled and prefabricated shipping containers of different sizes along with regular building materials have been used to build this structure. This container house also has a swimming pool and is said to be very strong. It is also fire proof and free from molds and termites.

3. Keetwonen Recycled Container House

Keetwonen Complex HouseGood for students
Keetwonen is a housing project made exclusively for students in Amsterdam. It has some really stylish and well designed dormitories and also has all the basic amenities for a student. It has 1000 units made out of recycled shipping containers and each of these units has a private balcony. They also have a cafe, supermarket and sports area and office space. It has been designed by Tempo Housing and is a very comfortable place of stay.

4. Container City

Container cityOutside the city of Mexico
This stunning city made out of 50 standard sized recycled shipping containers is located outside the city of Mexico in Cholula. It spreads across an area of 4500 sq meters. This project has been created by a very small community of different businesses and accommodates restaurants, normal bars and juice bars, galleries, funky stores and also living spaces. There is also enough outdoor space to hang out and also organize various events. This city is open for the public on all weekdays.

5. Ecopod
EcopodIt helps in minimizing environmental impact
This container house has been designed to lower the impact of the environment. It has an electric winch which is used to move the heavy deck door and it uses solar energy for the purpose. The floor of the Ecopod is made of recycled car tires and there is birch paneling in the walls. It can be used as an independent unit and also with others structures.

6. Espace Home
Espace mobileIn the lap of nature
This house has been designed to conserve energy and retain heat. It comes in different sizes ranging from 4 meters in breadth to 7 to 15 meters in length. It is located in Austria. The Espace Home is customizable in nature and offers a variety of features from which customers can choose the best.

7. Freitag shop
Frietag ShopBeauty of Zurich
It is one of the most creative buildings in the world made out of recycled shipping containers, stacked one above the other. It is a shop in Zurich, Switzerland. The shop is located in the right side and there is also a long staircase. On top there is an observation point as well.

8. The Linx
The LinxA two storied room
The Linx has been designed by Richard Barnwall of Dublin. It is a two storied structure made out of four twenty foot shipping containers. It is flexible and portable. The Linx has a bathroom, an office space, a changing room and also a lunch room. It has a living space along with a staircase, sliding doors for safety and security and about 20 foot of all purpose staging area.

9.Container house in the hills
Shipping container houseWellington, New Zealand
It is located in the hills of Wellington, New Zealand and has been designed and constructed by Ross Stevens. It has a well built living space and other basic amenities.

10. The Bach
Port-a-BachA holiday home
This container house is also located in New Zealand. It has been designed by Cecile Bonnifait and William Giesen. This house has been designed very cleverly and every inch and every corner has been put to utility. It can be used as a portable holiday home which is also pretty cheap.
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