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Amazing and Rare Swimming Pools in The World !!

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Pool «Infinity»
This basin, located in the hotel luxury Alila Ubud, located in Bali, there is absolutely no sides. That is why it is called «Infinity», which means “unlimited.” This architectural masterpiece.

Pool “Global Warming”
This is not New York City went under water, this advertising campaign, made in the advertising agency Ogilvy & Mather Mumbai (India) for HSBC. The Bank wanted to attract attention to the problem of global warming and the advertising agency has proposed an excellent idea – be placed on the bottom of the pool a huge image of New York. Looks amazing!

Pool «Badeschiff»
Badeschiff – an old barge, which was converted into a swimming pool and is now open to all comers, is in Berlin.

“up in the air” Pool
This pool is located right in the heart of Dallas in five-star hotel «Joule» and hangs directly above one of the main roads in the height of 8 storeys.

“Bloody” Pool
This elegant pool of blood-red color is located of the luxury hotels on the island Koh Samui, Thailand.

Underground Pool
An underground swimming pool, located in Midway Utah, United States directly in the crater of an extinct volcano that provides constantly warm water.

The largest pool in the world
The largest pool in the world is in Chile, its length is about 1 km, occupying an area of about 8Ga, and contains about 300,000 cubic meters of water.

The deepest pool in the world
“Nemo 33” – diving center in Belgium, namely it is the deepest pool in the world. In the pool there are 2 levels of depth 5 and 10 meters, which are situated on flat platforms, as well as the pit depth of 33 meters. The volume of water in the pool about 2.5 million liters!

The largest indoor swimming pool
Located in Japan «Ocean Dome» is the largest indoor swimming pool in the world. Its length is about 300m, a width of about 100m.
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