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Gigantic 55 MB HDD

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This is what it’s top of the interface board looked like.

All of us who have read about history of the evolution of the great computer know the fact that these machines in the beginning were giant and monumental sculptures of iron doing just simple calculations. So is the case with the HARD DISK. Once it was too a gigantic piece of antique art. An average 55 MB HDD measured 8-10 times the size of a regular 3.5” HDD we see today. The 1985 version of HDD was made entirely to fit your needs and not your desktop cabinet. Every level of storage added another level of recording disk which meant more space and money. The images given here compare an HP 7945A model of a 55 MB hard disk that was modeled in 1985 and cost around $7500.

The leftmost part is the massive power supply unit.

Actual comparison of a 3.5” HDD we see today and the great 55 MB HDD of 1985.

This is the cover of this 1985 HDD that gives detailed information about handling and installation of it.

All of these images given below look more of an artistic marvel than a hard drive. Look and enjoy. They showcase the inner modeling and design of this beautiful HDD.

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