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Funny Dogs Haircut..Very Cute..!

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Unfortunately, going to the doggie salon for hair cuts can become rather expensive, especially if you have a pooch that needs monthly grooming and maintenance. If your dog will allow it and you feel comfortable, there is no reason you can’t at least do a basic trimming, if not all your dog hair cuts right at home.

Remember that dogs with long hair need to be trimmed on a regular basis for more than aesthetic reasons. Dog hair can easily become matted or tangled and this will mean having to cut it all off eventually. Food, dirt and other debris from outdoors can easily become stuck into the matted hair and this begins to cause hygiene problems for your dog.

Long hair that goes without grooming can also become a hazard, as they will begin to trip over it or it may fall in front of their eyes and keep them from seeing well. One of the major reasons for cutting your dog’s hair if it is long is to keep away potential parasites like fleas, ticks and even lice that can easily hide in a dog’s long coat.

How Often: This will truly depend on the length of your dog’s coat, the texture of the coat, and the style you are going for on your dog. If your dog has long hair, like a Maltese or an Afghan Hound, you will need to keep up with grooming at least once a month to every two months, unless the dog’s hair is clipped. For dogs with a curly or wire-haired coat, they can go without a cut for almost an entire season, although some dogs will vary drastically in the rate of coat growth.

Supplies You'll Need: Before getting started, make sure you have an unclogged, well-oiled set of dog hair clippers or trimmers, a pair of scissors for cutting hair, a hair brush and comb, a blow dryer, towels to lay on the ground, a broom and dust pan and a bag to remove the excess hair.

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