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ISKCON Lord Venkateswara

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OverviewTirupati is on the southern border of Andhra Pradesh, very close to Madras, Tamil Nadu. Tirumala is located in the eastern ghats, a mountain range that runs along the south-eastern India. The temple of Lord Venkateswara is located on the seventh peak Venkatachala. The nearby town of Tiruchanoor (also known as Alamelumangapuram) is also covered in this page.

Lord Venkateswara also called the Lord of the seven hills. This temple has acquired a special sanctity in Hindu religion. The benefits that accrue by a pilgrimage to this holy town is mentioned in the Vedas and Puranas. Hindus all over the world believe that in Kali Yuga its possible to attain mukti only by worshipping Lord Venkateswara. Around 50,000 pilgrims visit the temple every day.
The Pallava, Chola, Pandaya and Vijayanagar rulers have endowed the temple with offerings of funds and Jewels.

Description Preparation
Before you start for Tirumala its recommended that you
Offer your prayers to your kuladeiva (family diety)
Visit the temple of Lord Ganesha to ensure that the trip is not laden with obstacles
Visit Tiruchanoor and offer your prayers to Sri Padmavathi Ammavari
Visit Sri Varahaswami Temple on the northern bank of Swami Pushkarini at Tirumala
Then offer your prayers to Lord Venkateswara

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