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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Photos of the Week (1/2012 - Week 2 ) - Loutro, Chania, Greece

 Loutro, Chania, Greece

 Loutro (Greek: Λουτρό) lies on the south coast of Chania Prefecture in west Crete, between Chora Sfakion and Agia Roumeli, the exit to the Samaria Gorge. The whole area is known as Sfakia and the inhabitants, the Sfakians, are fierce, proud mountain dwellers.
Loutro is a small place but it too has a rich history. This is the site of the ancient city of Phoenix, an important harbour in Hellenistic and Roman times.

Every house in Loutro gives the impression that it’s trying to squeeze in next to the sea. In Loutro you drink your coffee, eat and sleep next to the sea. From your window you can gaze out at the sapphire sea in the daytime and watch the moon reflected in the calm dark waters at night. Swim from the small pebble beach, have a beer in a taverna, enjoy the peace and quiet and feel the stress and tensions of everyday life melt away into the unruffled water.

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