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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Narciso Dead (Video)

This solo is a recreation of the beauty of the body in the middle of a lake and its reflection upon the water. It is the symbol of the primordial nature of self-love.
The dance then recreates the presence of the mind and how it fights against that primal self-love.
The Death of Narcissus reflects the fight between mind and body, Mother Nature against civilization, primitive means against the technolgical, robotic and automated world. The dance reflects both self-love and self-hate.
The title of this dance is from the poem by Lezama Lima. Muerte de Narciso was choreographed to music by Luciano Berio.
The dance was performed by several dancers, including: Fernando P. Jones, former dancer from the Alicia Alonso Ballet Company; Hector Figuaredo, former dancer from the La Guardia Ballet Company; and Francisco Araiza, Principal Dancer, Ballet Concierto of Mexico.
was choreographed in 1975. The title was based on "La Muerte de Narcissus" by poet Jose Lezama Lima.
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