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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Dafen - Chinese City of Artists

Dafen is known as city of artists in China, where we can see all famous picture all around, copied but almost like real. Also you can purchase all unique picture in copies such as "Starry Night" or "Mona Lisa" at the price of Kindle. This village, basically, as whole is an industry of reproduction of oil paintings. Its was founded in the mid-90's by a businessman with collaboration of twenty artists, but now its has become home to 5,000 artists, who produce about five million paintings a year, which is about half number of oil paintings created around the globe.
According to Chinese law the work loses its copyright after 50 years of creation, thats why most of work is considered legal. Most of all the copies created by painters nearly look like real. Because the artists are well-trained in art schools and have a lot of practice by making paintings at mass level. The original paintings might have value that you can't afford but here everyone can afford great copied paintings in just 40 bucks. You also can order your own choice to copy but it takes few week to work done. Some of artists even take orders and sell these painting through their websites. 

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