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Friday, October 10, 2014

A New Lego Promotional Video For The Year 2011

 A few days ago LEGO released a stop-motion short film called “The Brick Thief”.
The films star a mustachio’d inventor who discovers the inspiration that LEGO’s can lend to idea-makers such as himself.

Although LEGO has already evolved into video games to better serve the modern child, their original building blocks are still a common toy in the playrooms and daycares of many. So I don’t think these videos are targeted at kids necessarily . My takeaway is they’re trying to inspire adults (engineers, entrepreneurs, designers, etc) to think with their hands. There are more plastic blocks out there than the keys we type on. It’s a reminder to embrace the tangible – and maybe steal toys from children?

The Brick Thief - Fantastic Video of Lego stop motion

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