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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Creative Body Art

Many artists are inspired to work with the human body as their subject and material nowadays. Nothing inspires man more than man itself and more and more artists are vying to go in this direction. The art pieces seen here have intricate drawing detailed on every body. The entire range of pictures has contrasting color schemes used with intricate detailing. Some pictures have a nature inspired base within them. Natural elements like water, earth and leaves have been incorporated on the bodies. Drawing out these designs on the body takes a long time and require a great deal of patience on both the model and the artist’s part. Some of the designs even have human parts drawn on them like the eyes drawn out on the hands of the model. The drawing and details on the artwork cannot be illustrated properly unless the camera captures it in the right angle and with the right lighting. Photography plays an important part here.

Body 1 Creative Body Art

Body 2 Creative Body Art

Body 3 Creative Body Art

Body 4 Creative Body Art

Body 5 Creative Body Art

Body 6 Creative Body Art

Body 7 Creative Body Art

Body 8 Creative Body Art

Body 9 Creative Body Art

Body 10 Creative Body Art

Body 11 Creative Body Art

Body 12 Creative Body Art
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