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Thursday, August 23, 2012

World's Largest Trees

Giant Sequioas are the largest trees in the world. They grow to an average height of 160–279 ft. and 20–26 ft. in diameter. Record trees have been measured to be 311 ft. in height and 56 ft. in diameter. The oldest known Giant Sequoia is thought to be 3,500 years old.
Also known as Giant Redwoods, these ancient giants grow only in a limited area of the western Sierra Nevada, California.

Here are some interesting facts about giant redwood and sequoias:
Giant Redwoods
  • Live up to 2,000 years old
  • Have branches up to 5 feet in diameter
  • Bark grows up to 12 inches thick
  • Can reproduce either by seed or by sprout
Giant Sequoias
  • Live up to 3,200 years old
  • Have branches up to 8 feet in diameter
  • Bark grows up to 3 feet thick
  • Reproduce by seed only

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