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Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Amazing Artwork of Cassandra C. Jones

 This orchid was created from a single photo of a flamingo. Bits of the flamingo were copied and painstakingly placed in position to create the flower.

Artist Cassandra C. Jones has developed a unique style that involves various aspects photography, collage, and digital art. She gathers hundreds of disparate photographs from around the world and combines them in creative ways to create animations, digital collages, and even wallpaper. She painstakingly weaves these photographs together to create unique and amazing artwork.
About her animation technique, Cassandra says, "My videos, which I call Snap Motion Re-Animations, are made from common snapshots taken of time based-events like a sunset or a single object like a snowball. By collecting enough of images of any one thing, I can place them in an order to re-invent or re-animate life."

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