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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Aleksandr Marinicev Underwater Photography Part 1

Recently the name of Aleksandr Marinicev has become known in diving.  A story about how he attained such skills is deserves a separate interview. And now, in brief, about who Aleksandr Marinicev is and why he agreed to place his photos in the INTERNET.

The path of the underwater photographer Alexander began 5-6 years ago. The first photographs were created on leasehold photographic equipment and purpose was to document the moment of their first dive. Since then he has changed a lot of , many of them were “drowned”, the quality of photos has increased, but now photography is still  a hobby for Alexander. For a long time, his talent was known only to friends, these photos were unknown to the general public. It was his friends who suggested him to share his talent with publicity.  He received a lot of prizes and nominations in this field. Now he takes part in various exhibitions all over the world.

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