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Friday, March 25, 2011

World's Largest Horse ever - Luscombe Nodram

Wow this Horse which name is Luscombe Nodram or we should call him Noddy might be listed as the World Tallest Horse Ever. look how this horse compare with human. really tall right?? here’s another info about Nodram who is now known as the tallest horse in Australia and also in the world.

Luscombe Nodram (Noddy) is coming back home to QLD for a special appearance at the Clydesdale and Heavy Horse Field Days at Gatton on May 1 & 2. After being away for 6 years. Noddy will be coming back to QLD to take part in Australias largest and most prestigious heavy horse show. After leaving home as a 15 hand weanling, Noddy returns as a 20.2 hand horse

Luscombe Nodram started life just like all of our other foals. He was a normal height when he was born and a normal height as a weanling. That is where Noddy stops being normal. He just kept growing and growing. Now Nodram stands 20.2 hands. Nodram was bred and born at the Shires of Luscombe in Queenlsand. His sire is the grey Shire Stallion, Luscombe Whats Wanted “Ted” and his dam is the black Shire Mare, Cedars Annabella “Annabella”. Both of these horses stand 18 hands.

Nodram’s Great Great Grandsire Ladbrook Invader, was also tall. In 1981 he was in the Guiness Book of World Records as the tallest living horse, standing 19.2 hands.
Nodram is the tallest horse in Australia , he is the tallest horse in the world. He is a purebred shire gelding and is now owned by Jane Greenman of Victoria . He is broken to saddle and harness.

Noddy will also be spending 14 days as a special guest at the Royal Easter Show in Sydney. He will be on display during show time and his owner Jane will be on hand to answer questions and tell you about this wonderful horse.
Nodram was the normal size of any foal born here at the Shires of Luscombe. He left home as a 6 month old weanling to go and live with Jane. He was 15 hands, the usual size for our weanlings. Jane however was not expecitng such a big ‘foal’, even though she wanted a Shire that was grey and that would grow to be a big horse. Little did she know she would end up with the Worlds Tallest Horse

Nodram and his half brother Luscombe Grey Spark are the only two grey shire geldings in Australia . Nodram has been a special guest at Equitane in the past as well as making many other appearances in Victoria. He is already the star of TV shows, magazines and newspaper clippings.
Nodram enjoys spending his days with famous Thoroughbreds; he is acquainted with some of the top racing horses in Australia . Though one of his mates on the farm is another rare horse, a Suffolk Punch named Nash.

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